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you know how in turn left the doctor dies because donna noble never took that job as a temp so she didnt meet and save him?

wasnt the only reason he was at that building with the racnos because donna randomly showed up in his TARDIS, which wouldnt have happened because she never got dosed with particles because she never took the job because she turned left?

Yeah, I thought of that too. We are supposed to gloss over that part. Just like “The image of a angel becomes a Angel” thing… Despite the fact that Sally Sparrow gives the Doctor a packet of information with a picture of a weeping angel.

SHIP ALL THE SHIPS!!!: Listen up Whovians, i have a theory for you


Ok, so im not part of the fandom but ive noticed something. Ive only got basic knowledge of Doctor Who and maybe im just pointing out something you all know already and you will make fun of me for this until i start crying

be gentle

There’s been 11 Doctors so far. But have you noticed how the…

No. You are wrong.

1st Doctor lived a full “Gallifreyan” life, and as a Timelord, as is supposed to happen, At the end of the long life, he was to die/regenerate to live another full life. Had the Doctor not “died” untimely deaths, he would have aged as was supposed to. (Note the aging of the Doctor in the last two seasons, something I have pointed out regularly… Some episodes he looks younger, some much older…)

Also, there will be AT LEAST 13 Doctors. Not 12.

River Song gave him all her regenerations. So, by math alone, he has at least 8 left.

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